Parents' Association

About The Skinners' Kent Academy

The Academy is founded on the following key principles:

A culture of high standards and high aspirations.

The Academy is an exciting place of learning, offering an outstanding education tailored to meet individual needs. A spirit of entrepreneurship is encouraged, in order that students gain an understanding of the benefits that business and social enterprise activities can offer to themselves and the local and wider community.

A culture of active participation.

Good citizenship and community engagement are encouraged, recognised and celebrated. Students develop confidence in their problem solving abilities. They also develop a sense of initiative, leadership skills and the determination to see ideas through to completion. The Academy encourages students to take risks, accept failures and try different approaches in order to help prepare them for a rapidly changing world and meet the expectations required for work in the 21st Century.

An emotionally rich learning environment.

The foundations of a happy and fulfilled life are developed and nurtured by strong supportive relationships between students, staff and peers. Students are balanced, articulate people, who have a strong sense of self-worth and compassion for others.

An inclusive environment where every child is known and every learner supported.

All who study, work or visit the Academy feel safe, welcome and valued, irrespective of ability, belief, gender or ethnicity. All students and their families have a sense of worth, identity, aspiration and belonging.