Transition is a fundamental milestone in every child's education pathway. At The Skinners' Kent Academy, we strive to make sure that the process is supportive, informative, and enjoyable for all involved. There are four key transition stages at the Academy:

  1. Primary to Secondary (Year 6 into Year 7)
  2. MYP to GCSE (Year 9 into Year 10)
  3. GCSE to IB/Post 16 (Year 11 into Year 12)
  4. IB/Post 16 to the future (Year 13 onwards).

Primary to Secondary Transition

Once a child's place has been accepted, families are invited to the Academy for our welcome event in March. This is a chance for you to meet key members of staff who will support you through the process, as well as a chance for the students to meet their new peers. Following this, staff from the Academy will visit our new students in their primary schools, meeting with both them and their teachers in order to prepare them for joining us in September. Children will have the chance to ask questions and to find out more about what differences and changes come with secondary school life. 

In July, children are invited to a two day taster event at the Academy in preparation for September. They take part in a range of lessons centred around the IB Learner Profile and the Academy expectations, as well as being able to get to know members of staff and other children who will be in their classes. During the two days, children also undertake a reading test, tour the Academy building, set up biometrics for our catering and printing systems, and have an opportunity to meet current students and to ask them questions. 

Our annual Summer School takes place in August, which is another fantastic opportunity for our new students to become familiar with the Academy and to build lasting relationships with their new peers and teachers. Participants learn valuable team building skills, using the IB Learner Profile to understand how their role as a global citizen in an internationally minded society. 

This means that by September, Academy students are fully prepared to begin their educational journey at The Skinners' Kent Academy. The start of Term 1 begins with just Years 7 and 12, with the remainder of the Academy joining the following day.