Parents' Association

Parent Association Mission Statement

The Skinners Kent Academy Parent Association mission is to create and maintain a welcoming and supportive community for all SKA families.

We aim to:

  • serve as an avenue of communication and cooperation amongst parents/carers and the wider school community
  • engage in activities which support the Academy as well as developing more extended relationships between the staff, parents/carers and the local community
  • build and foster the already successful spirit of the SKA community, assisting in the implementation of school activities where parent involvement is deemed beneficial
  • undertake fundraising events where money raised will directly enhance the children's learning experience

The success of the SKA Parent Association depends on the involvement and support of all SKA families. By contributing your time, ideas, and enthusiasm, we will undoubtedly strengthen the partnership between the Academy and parents which in turn will enhance both the parent and student experience.

If you are interested in joining the Parents' Association, please email

Further information can be found on our dedicated website here.


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