This page contains information about both the internal and external examinations that are taken at The Skinners' Kent Academy.

Examinations Contact Details

Examinations Officer: Tracy Barkley
Telephone: 01892 534377 Ext. 9325



Examinations Policies and Procedures

External Examination Timetables

SKA External Exam Timetable IB/GCSE/BTEC/LIBF

SKA External Exam Timetable IB/GCSE/BTEC/LIBF

IB May 2024 Exams

Thursday 25 April – Friday 17 May 2024

GCSE Exams

GCSE Examination Timetable June 2024

Monday 15 May 2023 - Friday 23 June 2023

Monday 6 May 2024 – Wednesday 19 June 2024

Please take note of the following awarding Organisation Examination Contingency Days for the Summer 2024 series:

  • Thursday  6 June (PM)
  • Thursday 13 June (PM)
  • Wednesday 26 June (All day)

Students must remain available up to and including these dates, should an Exam Board need to invoke its Contingency Plan as a result of significant national or local disruption to an examination.

PPE Timetables

Exam Checklist

Sixth Form Exam Checklist

Year 10 PPEs

Thursday 20 - Friday 28 June 2024

Year 11 PPEs

MFL Speaking (French & Spanish): Monday 19 February – Friday 23 February 2024

Year 12 PPEs

Thursday 29 February – Friday 8 March 2024

Year 12 PPE Timetable

Year 13 PPEs

Monday 19 – Wednesday 28 February 2024

Year 13 PPE Timetable - February 2024

JCQ Information for Candidates


IB/LIBF/BTEC and GCSE Certificates from the May/June 2023 series are currently being collated.

Certificates for those students who enrolled with us in the SKA Sixth Form will be distributed within Tutor.

If you are a student who left the Academy at the end of the last academic year, your parents will be e-mailed in due course with information on how and when your certificates will be available.

Please ensure the Academy has up to date contact information for you and e-mail the Exams Office at as soon as possible if you have re-located or any of your details have changed since leaving the Academy.

Please Note: 

If you did not originally collect your certificates or they were posted out, but you never received them, please get in touch with the Exams Office.

However, do bear in mind the Academy does not retain certificates beyond five years.

The Academy cannot replace lost, damaged, or uncollected certificates; however, we may be able to provide confirmation of results awarded.

Please direct all queries in writing to the Exams Office at

Exam boards

Stag Hill House
Tel: 01453 506506

1 Hills Road
Tel: 01223 552552

Pearson Edexcel
One90 High Holborn
Tel: 0870 2409800

245 Western Avenue
Tel: 029 2026 5000