Staff wellbeing

The Skinners’ Kent Academy is committed to providing a healthy and caring environment that promotes and supports positive mental health and wellbeing for our students, staff and stakeholders. Positive mental health and wellbeing is vital to what we do at school; it underpins the crucial work carried out to support students and their families. As a Trust we are highly committed to supporting staff’s mental health and wellbeing, to ensure that there is a positive and supportive workplace.  

Outlined below are some of the ways in which staff are supported: 

  • Key staff are trained as Mental Health Leads within the Trust. John Willoughby, Vice Principal and Zoe Balding, Teaching Assistant and SKPS Staff Governor.  
  • Staff have access to the following programmes as part of their employee package from the Trust: 
    • Headspace, providing resources and research around mindfulness and meditation  
    • Benenden Health Package (for employees before 2019) 
    • Maitland Health:  Wellbeing and health promotion initiatives including full access to a dedicated Wellbeing website 
  • Free use of the Academy’s fitness suite and sports facilities  
  • Timetabled staff social times, where staff are free to choose their activities whether on site or off site with out of Academy responsibilities 
  • An email protocol which supports communications only between the hours of 7am and 6pm 
  • A working onsite protocol which encourages everyone to be off-site no later than 6pm  
  • Random act of kindness initiatives  
  • A commitment to support staff with personal issues and an empathetic approach to such events.