Our Values & Ethos

Ethos & Values

Our mission is clear..... develop a passion for learning and achieving

The Skinners’ Kent Academy seeks to create, develop and maintain an education that focuses on providing opportunities for success for all and celebrating the achievements of everyone in all aspects of life at the Academy. In particular the Academy wants and will support young people to recognise the potential that they have, and then to fulfil that potential.

Pride in Our Success

We take pride in our success and to achieve this we set high standards with clear expectations. We focus on encouragement, underpinned by good discipline. Staff, students and parents  work together to ensure that pride in our success means:

  • Pride in our work
  • Pride in our behaviour and attitude
  • Pride in our attendance and punctuality
  • Pride in our uniform and the way we look
  • Pride in our commitment to learning and achievement
  • Pride in our contribution to Academy life


At The Skinners' Kent Academy, our mantra is to develop students who are Successful, Kind and Aspirational

Pride in being...Successful

  • A broad, balanced but ambitious curriculum for all students.
  • Development of curious and knowledgeable young people, who are informed and inquisitive and seek opportunities to expand and strengthen their understanding.
  • Development of opportunities for all students which nurture a sense of discovery, inspiration and passion for each student to find their own path through life.

Pride in being...Kind

  • We are principled: every person is treated equally with respect and consideration, upholding the values of equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • We maintain a global outlook, making reasoned ethical decisions, showing compassion for others and for our environment, and nurturing respect for those within the Academy and in our local and wider communities.
  • Co-operative partnership with others, developing our own and others’ self-worth, valuing honesty and integrity.

Pride in being...Aspirational

  • We will always strive for excellence in all that we do, so that our students are positive role models who view education: we want to instil genuine lifelong learning.
  • We will encourage students to develop confidence in their problem-solving abilities, their leadership skills and to see their ideas through to completion.
  • Students will be encouraged to set their own bar high and to turn dreams into reality through academic and pastoral excellence; we recognise the importance of challenge, so that they develop the skills and qualities to meet society’s challenges.