Engagement Hub

Curriculum Intent 

Aligned with the Academy's curriculum intent, we uphold the International Baccalaureate principles. Our focus is on fostering well-being and promoting good mental health, which leads to enhanced attendance, improved communication, and greater student confidence. 

Our approach helps students recognise the practical applications of their studies, developing their critical thinking skills and enabling them to express their viewpoints with supporting evidence. Additionally, students gain confidence in asking and answering questions. 

By the end of their time in the Engagement Hub (E-Hub) and throughout their academic journey at the Academy, students will have accomplished several milestones, which they can proudly highlight as successful moments. 


  • To support school refusers/poor attenders and students with mental health issues to integrate into Academy life as well as students with anxiety post the COVID pandemic. 
  • To support some students in improving their behaviour so that they can make good progress and develop socially. 

Intended Impact 

  • Improved attendance 
  • Improved mental well-being 
  • Improved progress of key groups – closing gaps 
  • Reduced exclusions 

The E-hub programme 

Our E-hub model draws inspiration from Rowdeford School's Plus Programme, which aims to enhance students' confidence, social skills, and mental well-being. This approach caters to children who struggle with low self-image, self-esteem, and SEMH, and who find it difficult to thrive in traditional educational settings. Our programme uses emotional coaching, discussion and sharing time to improve social communication, and outdoor activities such as Forest School, team building, gardening, walking, and horse therapy to promote SEMH and well-being. We also have a therapy dog on site.  

Maths and English lessons that align with the year group curriculum are offered to students, ensuring that they do not fall behind their peers. We also conduct psychometric testing where necessary to customise learning and support plans for each student, while establishing baselines to track progress.  

Regular parent involvement is encouraged to celebrate successes and join in activities. 


At 9:45am, the students commence their day and participate in tutor time and break time, before starting Session 2 in E-Hub. Their schedule includes timetabled lessons in various subjects based on the specialisation of their assigned teachers. On most days, they conclude their classes at 2:00pm; however, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they engage in creative, team-building, IB, or communication activities before heading home. 


Following a period of 4 to 5 weeks, students are gradually reintroduced to normal lessons and attend their full timetabled classes until the end of term. Throughout this process, E-Hub staff closely monitor their progress. In some cases, a student may require a tailored program or extended stay in the E-Hub beyond the initial 5-week period. 

Occasionally, a few students may return to the E-Hub due to persistent anxiety related to attending the Academy.