Social and Cultural Anthropology

Social and Cultural Anthropology

Taught in: Year 12 - 13
Exam Board: IBO

The DP Social and Cultural Anthropology course offers an opportunity for students to become acquainted with anthropological perspectives and ways of thinking, and to develop critical, reflective knowledge.

Social and Cultural Anthropology has a distinctive approach to intercultural awareness and understanding, which embodies the essence of an IB education. Anthropology fosters the development of citizens who are globally aware and ethically sensitive.

The Social and Cultural Anthropology course, for both SL and HL students, aims to:

  • explore principles of social and cultural life and characteristics of societies and cultures
  • develop an awareness of historical, scientific and social contexts within which social and cultural anthropology has developed
  • develop in the student a capacity to recognise preconceptions and assumptions of their own social and cultural environments
  • develop an awareness of relationships between local, regional and global processes and issues.

Standard Level/Higher Level