Most Able and Talented Programme

The Most Able and Talented (MA&T) programme recognises students who have demonstrated exceptional academic or creative potential.


How We Identify MA&T Students

MA&T students are divided into two categories, those who are identified by their CAT scores form the core MA&T group and are provided with an additional tailored curriculum to meet their needs. A second group who are identified by subject teachers as being more able in the individual subjects are provided with stretch and challenge opportunities in the classroom. Exceptional students identified by classroom staff will also have the opportunity of jointing the core SKA MA&T cohort.


Years 7-11

In Years 7 - 11, the MA&T programme is filled with multiple opportunities to extend the student’s learning which include enrichment trips to broaden the student’s awareness of the world of work and where education can lead them. These trips and activities keep students engaged and motivated to continue with the progress they are making within the classroom and include:

  • Trips to historic or educationally rich public venues like the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew and the Science Museum
  • STEM competition against Skinners Hackney School
  • Visiting the University of Rochester for their fashion week
  • A trip to the University of Oxford for MA&T maths students
  • A visit from author Jenny McLachlan who ran a creative writing workshop
  • Opportunity to join the Kent Academy Network Programme
  • Opportunity to take part in lectures focussing on specialised subjects run by the West Kent ISSP group
  • Opportunity to attend masterclass workshops run by the WKISSP group and taught by specialist teachers


Years 12-13

As students’ progress further up the school, the focus is more on raising the aspirations of students and looking at life after sixth form. We have programmes in place for students that look at different universities and what it is like to be a university student. This is linked to the continued involvement with the KAN Programme, as well as the Scholars Programme, where a bespoke student programme has been developed to facilitate student progression to university.

Additionally in the 6th Form, we offer huge support when students are thinking about life after SKA. We support with career advice, career talks looking at different universities, apprenticeship information and UCAS applications.

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