Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital at The Skinners’ Kent Academy

Cultural Capital is defined as “the essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens” (Ofsted Inspection Handbook 2019, p31)

What we do

Therefore, as it is seen as essential, we ensure that we prepare our students to live and thrive in a culturally and ethnically diverse modern Britain through a high-quality curriculum with quality first teaching.

Where you’ll find Cultural Capital beyond the taught curriculum

  • Cultural CapitalThrough the range of trips, we offer
  • Through the nature of the visits/excursions we offer within trips
  • Through guest speakers and assembly content
  • Within the range of clubs and extra-curricular opportunities
  • Through the connections and relationships departments have with external organisations

How we support to ensure access for all

  • By ensuring funding is used for PP students to be enriched through trips and visits offered
  • Through House and pastoral interventions and opportunities so that all students regardless of subjects studied interact with cultural capital initiatives.
  • Our intention is that Cultural Capital is woven through everything that we do rather than it being a separate aspect to our young people’s education.